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Our Programs

MWAKA undertakes several programs all aimed at advancing the interests of the members of the Association through beneficial interactions with other players in the industry, including regulators, training authorities, commercial interests and other industry stakeholders, as well as the general public at large.

Brand Ambassadors

MWAKA’s Brand Ambassadors Program is a groundbreaking, strategic initiative that harnesses the diversity of our membership to create a formidable and symbiotic partnership with innovators, marketers, manufacturers and suppliers of materials, products and technologies deployed in the construction sector. The core proposition of this Program is for these commercial partners to work with MWAKA to deliver specialized product knowledge and training to our vast membership network and to leverage this training to spearhead and deepen their commercial growth.

By investing in the skills and knowledge required to deploy their specific products and technologies, the innovators, marketers, manufacturers and suppliers we work with on this Program not only guarantee themselves access to a dedicated, well-trained workforce that is available to deploy on projects where these products can be applied, but they also guarantee quality workmanship in delivering the final product to their end-user customers.

The Program is a direct market penetration strategy which yields a win-win result for our members and our partners. It also solves the problem of generating awareness for little-known technologies ensuring faster uptake and acceptance by the artisans who have a well-developed understanding of their use, their application, installation, fitting and servicing. Through this Program, MWAKA aims to create a symbiotic ecosystem of growth and opportunity for both its members and its commercial partners.

Additional Benefits


Material/Product Testing


Product Showcasing & Demonstration Sites


Product Expositions


Market Surveys and Feasiblity Studies


Recommendations for Market Deployment Strategies

Member Education & Skills Development

MWAKA’s Member Education and Skills Development Platform is a channel developed to serve the broader interests of the members and to develop stronger connections between themselves and the industry in which they work while learning and building skills that can aid them in both their personal and professional development.

Program Goals & Benefits


To learn more about MWAKA, its programs and the different channels through which they can engage with each other and the Association for their benefit.


To bring together the members to learn from each other by sharing experiences and insights.


To gain knowledge and skills about issues that directly affect their participation and contribution in the industry they work.


To learn more about how they can improve their livelihoods by engage meaningfully with each other and through the Association.


Discover opportunities for collaboration with industry stakeholders.


To develop skills that can aid them in their personal and professional development.

Designed to bridge the gap between artisans, craftsmen, and industry stakeholders, this innovative program is conducted through a series of seminars, workshops and other events forums. Members will have unparalleled access to subject matter experts to enhance their professional and personal development.

Employment and Mobility

MWAKA’s Member Employment & Mobility Program is a newly launched initiative aimed at providing exposure to artisans and craftsmen to high-quality, consistent career opportunities for their professional growth. In collaboration with our local partner, Funditech Service Cooperative Society Ltd, and a network of partners in Europe and the Gulf region, MWAKA has tailored this program exclusively for our esteemed members.

At MWAKA, our mission is clear: to empower and uplift individuals within the construction and engineering sector in Kenya. Through strategic alliances and innovative programs, we aim to revolutionize the landscape of employment and mobility for our members. The Member Employment & Mobility Program stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to your success.

So, what sets this program apart?


Skills, Competence & Productivity Indexing: MWAKA has established criteria that provide a benchmark for its members to achieve across the different skills trades which not only demonstrate their technical knowledge and skill but also prepare them for assignments and opportunities outside of the country’s borders.


Access to Diverse Employment Opportunities: MWAKA is opening doors for members who are open to embracing a world of possibilities, aspiring for local roles or even dreaming of expanding their horizons internationally.


Leveraging Skills Development for Career Advancement: Through our comprehensive training initiatives and skills development programs, MWAKA exposes and equips its members to the toolsand resources needed to thrive in today’s competitive job market.


Long-Standing Partnerships for Sustainable Growth: Our enduring partnerships with sponsors and participants of MWAKA’s Brand Ambassadors Program and the Member Education and Skills Development Program ensure sustainable growth opportunities for our members and a path towards a brighter future.


Enhanced Employability and Career Mobility: MWAKA is not only looking to unlock the potential for enhanced employability, better pay, and accelerated career growth but to also assist members in seizing the opportunities where their success can be assured, including the possibility of embracing and mastering new technologies that may necessitate the development of new skills.

MWAKA is investing in the future of our members and contributing to the collective prosperity of our community, redefining excellence for artisans and craftsmen, and embracing new possibilities. Embark on this journey of growth and prosperity with us.

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