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• Certified Artisans
• Certified Craftsmen
• Prior Learners
• End year technical students
• Honorary
• Corporate  


The membership registration fee Ksh 1000/=.
Paybill - 522522
AC. 7557581

The annual subscription fee Ksh 1,200/=
Paybill - 522522
AC. 7557581

The membership registration fee for corporates organizations is Ksh 10,000/=. Their annual membership fee Ksh 5,000/=
Paybill - 522522
AC. 7557581

Honorary membership has a registration fee of Ksh 3000 and an annual subscription fee of ksh 2000 annually. 
Paybill - 522522
AC. 7557581

Mobirise Website Builder

Target industry trades

- Aluminium
- Cabro
- Carpentry
- Concrete
- Electrical
- Electronics
- Glacier
- Interior finishing
- Landscaping
- Light Gauge
- Masonry
- Painting
- Plumber
- Scaffolding
- Steel fixer
- Terrazzo/ Granolithic
- Tilling
- Welding


i. Commitment to mobilize artisans and craftsmen to create awareness for industry growth and personal development.
ii. Establish partnerships with the industry related government agencies, professional association, contractor associations and manufactures
iii. Endorsement from National Construction Authority (NCA), TVETA and NITA
iv. Partner with IT-Management systems to handle construction site workers database, for ease coordination, monitoring and evaluation for individual membership profiling and employability.
v. Ensure inclusion of Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Essential Skills (ES) Training.
vi. In collaboration with NCA introduce technological transfer criteria for ranking contractors.
vii. Partnership with TVETA and NITA as a recognition of the intended training module.
viii. Pre-profiling of apprentice at Construction sites with a view to encouraging apprenticeship.
ix. Create awareness through the contractors associations with a view to enhance change of mind set by the employers and introduce leverage schemes during bidding and contract awarding processes.
x. Encourage formation of service cooperatives to undertake subcontracts which may in future mutate to fully fledged construction firms.
xi. Match making contractors with the skill based workforce through encouraging internships and apprenticeship in the construction sector for timely-economical-quality services.
xii. Providing specialized counseling and group development services specific to industry/ community organizations and assisting construction site workers in identifying career goals and related training needs.
xiii. Ensure inclusion and recognition of prior learning and experiences 

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