We are MWAKA.

MWAKA (Mafundi Wa Kenya Association)
It is critical that countries have not only a sufficient number of professionals but also an extensive pool of business-savvy workers who are ready for this transformation in their respective sectors. 

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Mafundi Wa Kenya Association (MWAKA) is a non-profit making organization that was formed and registered in 2007 under section 10 of the society Act.
MWAKA is an individual membership association of building and civil construction; mechanical and electrical engineering sector related skills trades aiming at empowering the members through competence based training. We are committed to affording technicians, craftsmen, artisans, prior learners and internships requisite industry demand driven skills through sharing and engagement with renowned practitioners, manufactures, industry relevant government agencies and other stakeholders through customized courses, seminars, workshops and on site apprenticeships. The initiative emphasizes on ensuring timely economical quality service delivery for contractors, Developers, and meets Consultants design expectations. 


To Place the Kenyan Artisans, Craftsmen and in the world map by converting their competent skills into business development


Restore, utilize and maintain real value of skill

Core Values

• Integrity
• Concentration
• Patience
• Persistence
• Perfection
• Precision
• Safety

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Frequently Asked Questions

To become a MWAKA member one should pay $10 registration fee. 

All fundis pay a monthly stipend equivalent of $1. This is the money used to maintain the system and keep the fundis enrolled and eligible for jobs. The association also uses this money to run the office and pay its workers. 

MWAKA presents members of the different industries with the following;
 Job opportunities
 Marketing (Workshops & Exhibitions)
 Networking
 Booking of technical examinations
 Representation
 Empowerment
 Industrial attachment for technical students 

Mafundi wa Kenya Association (MWAKA) was registered in 2007 under section 10 of the society Act. MWAKA represents individual artisans, craftsmen and technicians (ACTs) normally referred to as “Fundis” nationally. The association has more over 4000 registered fundi's across the country and with more than 80% of the same being active members.

MWAKA covers; 
- Aluminium
- Cabro
- Carpentry
- Concrete
- Electrical
- Electronics
- Glacier
- Interior finishing
- Landscaping
- Light Gauge
- Masonry
- Painting
- Plumber
- Scaffolding
- Steel fixer
- Terrazzo/ Granolithic 
- Tilling
- Welding

Putting the Kenyan Artisans, Craftspeople and Technicians in the world map by converting their skills into business development.

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